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St. Louis Zoo – The Earlier the Better

Posted on: July 12, 2010

It’s almost universally known that the St. Louis Zoo is one of the best in the country. And that it’s free. Years back one of my students wrote a research paper on the zoo, recounting how it came about that our taxes allow free general admission to the zoo. It was intriguing. Really.

But now that I’m a mom, what is even better than the free general admission (which is great!) is all the free fun that can be had at no cost if I’m willing to get the kids and myself out the door and to the zoo early.

Here’s the insider’s guide:

  • Arrive at the zoo as close to opening time as possible.
  • Park on the street near the North Entrance. Lot parking is usually available as well, if you want to fork over $11 per vehicle.
  • On your way through The Living World entrance building, stop by ZOOmagination Station and, after 8:30 AM (9:30 during the school year), pick up free passes for you and the kids to come back at a later time and enjoy forty-five minutes of fabulous fun. Updated 12/31/10, this wonderful feature of the zoo, along with all their educational programs, is closed indefinitely. I’ll try to keep you posted if/when it reopens. I sure hope that it does!
  • Head straight over to the carousel, stingrays (during the summer), or the Children’s Zoo, and enjoy them for free during the first hour the zoo is open!
  • Go back to ZOOmagination Station a few minutes before your scheduled play time.
  • Explore the zoo at your leisure.
  • Particularly if you plan to make an entire day of the Zoo, consider a “Safari Pass”. For $10 per person, you get access for the day to: the Children’s Zoo, the railroad, Sea Lion Show (when in season), the carousel, and the motion simulator. Considering the railroad alone is $5/person, this is a fantastic deal.

Just last week my husband took our kids to the zoo, and they ended up being the only ones in ZOOmagination Station for the 9am slot. Sweet!


2 Responses to "St. Louis Zoo – The Earlier the Better"

[…] and activities are available for children. Best of all, the concerts are free! Check out my post here about the zoo for more info. Filed under Free Music, St. Louis Zoo ← Castlewood […]

Good job, Soossa–sounds fabulous! I’m proud of you! Love, MOM

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