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Recycled Clothing – Kangaroo Kids

Posted on: July 15, 2010

If you only know about one children’s/maternity consignment store in the St. Louis area, it should be Kangaroo Kids. With a large selection for both mom and child, they have the added bonus of comfy couches and a great play area for the kids. During the winter months my kids and I will go and just hang out. I’ll shop a little while they play, stop to nurse the baby, perhaps take in a few items to sell. The atmosphere is super-relaxed, and the staff is incredibly helpful.

Some top reasons to visit Kangaroo Kids on Manchester in Glendale:

  • New and used items for sale, majoring on the used
  • Comfy couches and a “stay awhile” attitude among the staff
  • Free nursing bra fittings
  • Free lactation help from certified specialists. They will even help you over the phone! The lactation help alone makes the store fantastic. I cannot rave enough about the assistance I and others have received with breastfeeding from these people.
  • Nursing Mom’s groups meeting throughout the week
  • Price-match policy (on their breastpumps and such)
  • Kid-friendly atmosphere. This is a great place for a little playdate!
  • Free training on how to wear your baby in a sling (They also sell their own slings, but will happily help you with any you take in.)

Check out the Kangaroo Kids site and then stop by. I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised.


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