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Paperbackswap…Like the library, but better

Posted on: July 20, 2010

I was just updating something on my Paperbackswap account when it occurred to me that the site is definitely worth highlighting here. If you have books -paperback or otherwise – sitting around your house wishing they could find new homes where they’d be appreciated, then this is the site for you! Here are the basics:

  • Create an account at Paperbackswap here.
  • Enter the ISBN’s of ten books in good shape you have on hand but are willing to part with.
  • You do not have to post all ten books at the same time
  • Receive two credits to your account for those ten books you posted – one credit for the first five books, and a second for the second five books.
  • Wait for people to request books from you. When they do, you print out a wrapper, wrap the book according to directions, apply postage and mail the book media mail. This postage is the only expense you have to participate. (This cost is usually about $2.50/book or less.)
  • You receive one credit per book you send to another member, and two credits for each audio book you send.
  • With the credits in your account, peruse the books available or add some books to your wish list. You may request one book per credit (two credits for audio books). And the best part? You get them for FREE!
  • If, after reading the book, you desire to post the book and pass it on to another member, you may do so…provided the book is in suitable condition.
  • It’s that easy! And so fun to go “shopping” for books, request them from other members, and get them for free.

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