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St. Louis Grocery Stores – Shop-n-Save

Posted on: July 20, 2010

This is the first in a series of posts on grocery stores in the St. Louis area. I hope you find the info helpful!


  • Probably the premiere bargain-shopper’s choice among the higher-end stores in the area, with locations throughout metro St. Louis
  • Often run specials on Thursdays for $10 off purchase of $50+
  • “$10 days” specials may be combined with “$5 off $50” coupons found in the STL Entertainment Book. This means if you keep your total close to $50 (before tax and excluding a few items such as milk and beer), then you would get $10 off, plus $5 off, plus any other coupons you have in addition. It’s pretty sweet, and I have walked out of there paying less than $25 for $50+ worth of food on a number of occasions. Nice.
  • I have only been able to view their ads online using Internet Explorer, not Firefox
  • Their internet coupon policy is here. Most noteworthy is that they only accept internet printable coupons for up to 50% of product retail.
  • Some stores are open 24 hours
  • Does not double coupons
  • Requires that you bag your own items, but provides free bags for you to use
  • Small, but growing, selection of organic produce and products

7 Responses to "St. Louis Grocery Stores – Shop-n-Save"

My local Shop n Save will allow me to split my order on $10 Thursday, so if you have $100 worth of items you can get $20 off. Just ask them to watch the subtotal and when it hits $50, pay and start over!

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