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Do you really need to buy swim diapers?

Posted on: July 26, 2010

If your young tikes are in the water as much as mine are this hot summer, then chances are good you are shelling out a small fortune for swim diapers. Even with coupons and sales, a these diapers run close to $1 each…yikes! Consider for a moment this alternative:

What if you bought one cloth diaper, pocket style, and used that as your child’s swim diaper? The pocket-style diapers, such as Fuzzibunz, allow you to remove the “stuffing” and only use the “shell”. This lets liquids out, for the most part (which is kind of gross, but what disposable swim diapers do as well), yet keeps solids in. What would this cost you? About $10 for a used diaper, which you could probably find locally at Kangaroo Kids or Cotton Babies. When I buy used diapers, I simply wash them in bleach the first time and then wash normally thereafter. I’ve never had any trouble with used diapers when I’ve done this. If the “ew” factor for a used diaper is too much for you, check out Cotton Babies for an amazing supply of new diapers. New diapers will cost more in the $17 range. Cotton Babies also sells “official” reusable swim diapers too, if you’d prefer to go that route.

If your kids are swimming a lot and you’re going through swim diapers at an alarming rate, consider going cloth. It may well save you some cash, and you can reserve any extra disposable swim dipes you have for those times when cloth wouldn’t be convenient.

And hey – when your child no longer needs the diaper – chances are that there’s some good resale value left! Check out diaperswappers if you want to sell (or buy!) online, or ask the folks at Kangaroo Kids or Cotton Babies what they’d give you for the diaper.

***The fine print:

  • Make sure any used diaper you buy has elastic that is in good shape. It should hug your child, yet not leave deep red marks. We don’t want any poop escaping, remember?
  • And speaking of poop…I have to confess that my kids have never pooped in a swim diaper, disposable or cloth. If your kid is a “timely pooper” (aka, poops at predictable times during the day), then you’re probably safe. If you never know when the next dirty dipe will hit, then consider having a plastic bag and backup dipe (disposable or cloth) with you just in case. Depending on the consistency of the excretion, sometimes it will simply fall off the diaper into the toilet (yes!), but other times will require some dirty work (blech!). We take the “risk” and have saved a chunk of change by using cloth…but I want you to be warned! =)

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