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St. Louis Grocery Stores – Trader Joe’s

Posted on: July 27, 2010

This is the seventh in a series on grocery stores in the St. Louis area. To see the others in this series, click here.

Trader Joe’s

In the past several years a new store has appeared on the St. Louis grocery scene, and for many of us it has been a welcome addition. Trader Joe’s (TJ’s) has popped up in a handful of locations around the Metro area. With California roots, this a-typical store is a breath of fresh air in the Midwest. Here are some important tidbits to know before you go:

  • TJ’s “private labels to save you money” as they say
  • TJ’s does accept manufacturer’s coupons
  • Typically does not run sales, as their everyday prices are fairly reasonable
  • Offers many organic items
  • Is a smallish store with a good selection but limited variety of each type of item
  • Has good prices on wines
  • Has paper bags for you to use, but if you bring your own bags you can be entered in a weekly raffle for a bag of groceries. Sometimes you need to ask your cashier to enter you, as they don’t always offer
  • Is kid-friendly, with pint-size shopping carts and a special critter (varies from store to store) for kids to spot and then claim a prize
  • Almost always has food and drink samples in the rear of the store (another plus with kids!)
  • Has a “return it if you don’t like it” policy. I have returned a couple of items to them, and they are super about it. On a couple of occasions, they have even sent me home with a free item to try out because I asked about how it tasted or some such thing.
  • No stores are open 24-hours. Most are open 8-9 or 9-9
  • An easy-going, laid-back atmosphere, with a tropical theme
  • Has the least-expensive grocery-store sushi I’ve found. =) They often have good cut flower prices too.
  • One of those stores you need to visit at least once. Take the kids and try to limit yourself. While the prices are reasonable, it’s easy to get carried away!

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