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Vacation's over!

Posted on: August 7, 2010

Our family was on vacation this past week along the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan, but we are home now and ready to resume Frugalouis! A few little frugal tidbits from our time away:

  • An envelope with a set amount of “fun” money for the trip worked fabulously for us. This way we had money for meals going and coming, a couple of trips to the ridiculously-priced coffee shop up there, and even some left over to pay the neighbor girl who collected our mail and watered the garden while we were gone! In years past we haven’t been on a strict budget and just sort of spent what we wanted, and it felt so good this year to know we were going to stay within “x” amount but still be able to splurge within that.
  • During our week away, my husband and I got away for a night to a nearby bed and breakfast while my parents and siblings watched our kids. We ended up getting $30 off the rate for the B&B because we were the only guests and she didn’t make us breakfast. Made me wonder what other B&B’s might be willing to do a similar deal…?
  • Take basic “must-have” medication and vitamins on vacation. Always. Even if you don’t think you’ll need them, if you are heading to an area where they will be hard to find or super-expensive, take them with you! We didn’t take everything that’s usually in our “medicine cabinet”, and we ended up having to mooch a bit from other family members when three of us came down with the flu.

Do you have any frugal vacation tidbits you’d like to share? Please do!


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