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Pappy's Smokehouse – A St. Louis Must-Visit!

Posted on: August 11, 2010

While it’s not exactly a frugal destination, Pappy’s Smokehouse is most certainly worth checking out if you are in St. Louis looking for barbecue! Our family made our first trek to Pappy’s recently, and this rib-lover came away more than satisfied. Even my husband, who is not a fan of ribs, thought they were fabulous. Spiced with a rub, smoked and juicy, they are fantastic!

On our way out I got a chance to ask “Smokey”, the owner what he would recommend at his restaurant as the most frugal option for our blog readers. His immediate response was, “Our lunch special – pulled pork sandwich, side and drink for $7 with tax.”

Some things to keep in mind when planning a visit to Pappy’s:

  • Pappy’s opens at 11 AM daily, and is hopping from the word “go”
  • Expect long lines and a wait…but it’s worth it, and things flow smoothly
  • High chairs are not available, so plan accordingly. We made it work for our one year-old by securing her to my husband with a long muslin blanket we had in the car. Voila! Instant human high chair!
  • Located in mid-city St. Louis, just south of Olive. See map here.
  • All food is prepared for that particular day, and they do run out. The earlier you go, the more likely they will have what you want. Call ahead if you want to be sure. 314-535-4340
  • Lunch specials, such as the one the owner recommended, are available from 11-2 on weekdays.

And don’t forget to lick your fingers! Mm-Mm!


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