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And this is why you should ALWAYS check your receipt…

Posted on: August 14, 2010

Did you look carefully at the receipt above? Yes, indeed, at Shop-n-Save the other day I was charged thirty-six dollars for one bell pepper! As usual, I kept a running total of my purchases on my calculator as I shopped (yes, I am a frugal nerd!). When I arrived at the register, I knew my total before the $10 off would be just over fifty dollars.

You can imagine my surprise, then, when my total came to seventy-nine dollars. After the ten dollars off. I hadn’t been watching the screen as the (grumpy) lady rang things up – poor choice on my part! So when I questioned the total amount, she gruffily informed me that I’d gotten “a lot of fruits and vegetables”. Since she wasn’t willing to look into this any further, and I was now holding up the line, I paid, got my receipt and began to peruse it as I walked toward Customer Service.

Then I saw the ridiculously priced pepper charge and literally laughed out loud. Yes, I sure had gotten a lot of fruits and vegetables, hadn’t I?! =)

Thankfully, Customer Service lived up to their name. They apologized, returned the thirty six dollars to me and threw in the golden pepper for free!


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