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Grant's Farm – only open on weekends

Posted on: August 17, 2010

To save anybody else the hassle of attempting to visit Grant’s Farm during the week this week, I thought it best to let you know that it’s now on the fall schedule.

Want to know how I found out? Yes, we tried to go. After biking nine miles on Grant’s Trail with the kids, putting our bikes back in the van, and then walking the quarter mile or so to the park, we discovered it was locked up tight. We weren’t the only ones trying to visit, either. Many, many people were dismayed, and there were no signs posted anywhere alerting folks that summer had now ended. So sad.

However, if you want to visit Grant’s Farm on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday between now and the end of October, here are some things to take into consideration so you can visit like a St. Louis native:

  • Check the schedule here carefully before you go. Trust me on this. =)
  • Plan to take strollers for little kiddos. You can take them on the tram without folding them down. Hurrah!
  • To avoid the $11/charge parking fee, instead of turning north onto Grant Rd. when you reach the farm, turn south onto Grant Rd. You will now be driving along with Grant’s Trail on your left. Park anywhere on the left hand side, between the road you are on and the trail (it should be obvious that people park like this a lot from the look of things). Just be careful not to drive into the athletic complex and park there. They don’t like that.
  • When you’ve secured your free parking (which will obviously be available first thing in the morning, but perhaps throughout the day as well), cut up to Grant’s Trail and walk back toward Grant’s Farm. This is a quarter-mile walk, more or less.
  • There is no entrance fee for Grant’s Farm. That’s right – free!
  • Free beer is offered to those twenty-one and older in the hospitality area.
  • There are certainly ways you can spend money – feeding goats, riding the carousel, buying food or drink – but it’s very doable to make your visit free.
  • You will ride in a tram to and from the animal area, with your first tram ride taking you through a “wild animal park” of sorts.
  • When the tram stops, you are now at the Tier Garden, where there are animals to see and shows to take in. Click here for more info.
  • After you’ve spent as long as you wish with the animals and gotten some free beer, you board the tram to the right of the hospitality area. This tram ride is quite short and will return you to your original boarding point.

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[…] I wouldn’t recommend paying the exorbitant $11 parking charge at Grant’s Farm when it’s often possible to find free parking within walking distance. However, on the weekend the farm is busy and the free parking can fill […]

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