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St. Louis Parks – Tilles Park

Posted on: August 17, 2010

After hearing rave reviews from others about the playground at Tilles Park, I decided to take the kids and check it out. Wow. It had been years since I had been there with a child to play, and boy have things changed!

There is a lovely new playground near the park entrance. It’s colorful, wheelchair-friendly, and perfect for kids of virtually any age!

Here’s some more info about the main playground at Tilles Park:

  • Built for kids of all abilities, including swings for disabled children
  • Soft solid foam surface under play equipment
  • Two very similar structures – one for older children and one for younger
  • Bathrooms located on-site, including a family bathroom with a changing station
  • Musical instrument area located behind the bathrooms
  • Splash pad located in front of the bathrooms, with lots of fountains and sprinklers to be enjoyed 10-6 daily during the summer months
  • Benches located under a canopy for parents or kids needing a break

In addition to this fabulous playground, Tilles Park also offers trails, picnic areas, a pond, and shelters. It really is a gem of a park. And if you follow the road in through the park, you’ll find a second, smaller playground that is much less crowded:

The equipment here is all new as well, and this little play area is geared toward climbing and spinning. My three-year-old son had fun testing the limits of his climbing abilities, and I think older children would be able to have even more fun. There is a picnic shelter locate nearby, as well as a basic restroom. The ground cover for this playground is also solid soft foam.

Are there other parks in the St. Louis area that you love? If so, please share so we can highlight them here!


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