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2011 St. Louis Area Entertainment Books are in!

Posted on: September 3, 2010

Yesterday when I was at Shop-n-Save for “$10 day”, I picked up the hot-off-the-presses 2011 edition of the St. Louis area Entertainment Book. For $30, here’s a sampling of what you get:

  • Bonus cards worth $5 each with no minimum purchase (may not be used with other coupons) to Culpeppers, Cecil Whittakers Pizza, Casa Gallardo, Chevy’s, TGIFridays, AMF Bowling
  • Six $5 of $50 coupons for Shop-n-Save. These may be stacked with the $10 off $50 Thursday deals Shop-n-Save runs some weeks, and can make for some pretty sweet deals!
  • Coupons for many free items, with no purchase required: small McCafe drink, Steak-n-Shake Sweet Tea, A&W Root Beer or small ice cream cone, Dominoes Chocolate Lava Cake, El Pollo Loco Chicken Taco El Carbon, Figaro’s breadsticks, Fox’s Pizza breadsticks, Hardees small fries, Pizza Hut bread or cinnamon sticks, Rally’s small fries, Sonic ice cream cone, Wetzel’s Pretzels dip
  • $5 off $15 purchase at Casa Gallardo, TGI Fridays, and others
  • $5 off $20 purchase at Old Spaghetti Factory, El Pollo Loco, Fox’s Pizza, and others
  • $5 off $25 purchase at Chevy’s and others
  • Tons of half-off and buy-one-get-one coupons

So you can see it’s really easy to recoup the $30 cost of the book! What I typically do is buy the book early on like this, then wait until it goes on special to buy at least one more. I pull out the coupons I really want, such as the Shop-n-Save ones, and then pass the book on to someone else. It works out great!

If you want to save even more, buy your book online through Shop-at-Home* and get 30% ($9!) credited to your Shop-at-Home account. If you are new to Shop-at-Home, you’ll get $5 credited to your account just for signing up! This will reduce the cost of your Entertainment Book to $16, with free shipping being offered right now.

*Shop-at-Home is an online cash-back shopping service. When you click through to their site and log in, you can search their online stores to find what you are looking for. Then you click through the Shop-at-Home site to the store you desire and the appropriate percentage of your purchase credited to your Shop-at-Home account. After your Shop-at-Home account balance reaches $20, you will receive a check for your cash back. Each person who signs up for an account receives a $5 starting balance. In addition, for each person who signs up for Shop-at-Home through the links on this post my account will be credited $5.


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