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The Wabash Frisco and Pacific Railroad: a train-lover's dream!

Posted on: September 8, 2010

Travel west of St. Louis about thirty minutes to the little town of Glencoe Missouri, also known as Wildwood, for an open-air ride on a twelve-inch gauge steam-powered railroad. This little train will take you on a two-mile loop through the forest along the Meramec River.

Our family took this ride about a year ago and enjoyed it. However, I think those with seriously dedicated train-lovers in their family would have a ball. While we were there, we even saw one boy dressed up as “Thomas”. 🙂

Before you head West, here are some things to know:

  • Trains only run on Sundays from 11-4:15, with departures every 20 minutes
  • Click here for the Wabash Frisco and Pacific Railroad site
  • Directions can be found here
  • $4 cash donation requested per ticket, but 3 and under are free (yay!)
  • The WF&P is open May-October
  • Lines can be long, but you can watch people come and go on the trains while you wait
  • The railroad is open rain or shine, but if it’s wet be prepared! There is very little shelter.
  • The ride lasts about 30 minutes.

Certainly some of our readers have visited the WF&P. Do you have any other tips for our readers?

With thanks to Katie for the tip-off!


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