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$13 for $30 of Kids' Clothes at Purple Cow: today only

Posted on: September 12, 2010

How ’bout this?! I was just in the Purple Cow children’s resale store on Friday and was planning to do a post about it for you all. Then here pops up today’s Groupon!

The Purple Cow is located at Gravois and Sappington Roads, a tad east of 270. They stock upscale, gently used children’s clothes, as well as some new items. You can also find a nice selection of maternity clothing on the racks.

Sound good? Then be sure to get today’s Groupon for a $30 certificate to the Purple Cow for only $13!

As for me, when I was in the store on Friday I overheard the owner telling someone that there would be a ton more merchandise out on Monday (tomorrow). So I put my intended purchase back and left with plans to return Monday. Woo-hoo! Now I can return with a Groupon!


2 Responses to "$13 for $30 of Kids' Clothes at Purple Cow: today only"

Looks good! I wonder about selling things there…is it really better than once upon a child if I have brand names? I’ve been saving a few things that are nicer brands and thinking about doing ebay.

You know, I’ve never sold anything at Purple Cow – just purchased. However, last week I sold some Gymboree and Children’s Place items at Kangaroo Kids and was a little bummed at the amount they got. I wish now that I’d tried to sell them at Purple Cow first! My original plan was to try ebay or diaperswappers, but I just wasn’t getting around to it and knew they needed to sell now or never!

Let us know if you sell at the PC what you think of their offer!

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