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Posted on: September 14, 2010

The other night my husband needed to pick up his computer at the Apple store in the Galleria. Since I had nothing planned for dinner, we decided to turn it into a little family adventure. What could we get for free to feed the four of us?

The kids and I scouted out the mall while he picked up his laptop. Shucks. Nothing free in the food court.

But we still had free pretzel coupons for Auntie Anne’s from our 2010 Entertainment Book! We stood in line and got the last pretzel of the night. Score! Of course, a pretzel divided among four doesn’t go far.

So we all piled in the car and headed for the nearest McDonald’s. Four coupons later, we were in possession of three fruit smoothies and one frappe. For free!

Happily sucking our drinks, we called ahead to Cecil Whitaker’s and ordered a large chef salad. Then we did the same for a single order of  breadsticks at Pizza Hut. These coupons/vouchers were courtesy of our latest, 2011, Entertainment Book. The salad was $5.34 with tax, and our discount voucher was only for $5. This is where we incurred the whopping cost of thirty-four cents.

With our breadsticks and large salad we headed to a local park where we picnicked and then played as the sun set.

We’d achieved our goal, or very nearly. Other than gas, a fairly balanced dinner for the four of us cost all of $0.34!

So, what do you think? Are we nuts? Or does it sound like a fun challenge? 🙂


1 Response to "$0.34+Gas=Dinner"

Sounds like a great night!! What a good idea!

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