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Thrift Store: Value Village

Posted on: September 21, 2010

After a hiatus of a year or more, I recently stepped foot again in a Value Village thrift store. The one I visited has moved to a new location recently, and it is a definite improvement over their former home.

This store on Watson is the only Value Village I have personally entered, but there are a handful of other locations throughout the Metro area.

Here are some things you should know before you go:

  • Clothing, furniture, housewares, books and other media, jewelry, and more available
  • Dressing rooms now available at the Watson Road store (they were not in the former location)
  • Clothing organized by gender (for adults), type (ie, long-sleeve shirts), and color. Sizes are intermingled.
  • When you enter the store, be sure to look for info on what color tags are discounted that day. When I visited orange tags were 50% off and yellow tags 75% off.
  • Hours for all stores: M-Sa, 8-9; Su, 10-7
  • Half-off sale the last Wednesday of every month from 8AM-10PM

4 Responses to "Thrift Store: Value Village"

my very favorite thrift store! I love this location better than the others, too.

Be prepared for CROWDS on those last Wednesdays!!

Thanks for the tip about the crowds, Tami!

I’ve heard of these but did not realize we had some in our area! I need to make a plan to check it out!

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