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Maximize Eckert's Savings! Millstadt Fun Farm

Posted on: October 2, 2010

We just returned from Eckert’s Fun Farm in Millstadt tonight, and I’m pumped about our frugal adventure!

With four people requiring paying admissions (normally $8/person), a large kettle corn ($5.50), funnel cake ($4) and hot chocolate or coffee at McDonald’s on the way home (used coupons from the Entertainment Book), we spent a total of $13.50.

Here’s how you can maximize your savings at the Eckert’s Millstadt fun farm:

  • If you have the 2010 Entertainment Book, use the “buy-one-get-one” admission coupon (look for “Eckert’s in the alphabetical section at the back). Unfortunately, these are not in the 2011 Entertainment Books.
  • Or – if you have the 2011 Entertainment Book, register online the card that came with the book and print a “half off” coupon from the Entertainment Book site.
  • Or – print out the $1 off coupon from Eckert’s site here. I’d recommend printing a couple of these “just in case”.
  • Have one (or two, if using the BOGO coupon) person from your group pay using one of the above coupons. That person will then receive a brochure with coupons attached.
  • Have the first person who paid pass this brochure back to the rest of your group. There will be a “Half Off Your Next Visit” coupon that can be used for up to four people*. The remainder of your group should pay using this coupon. We did this both last year and this year with no problems.
  • BONUS! Included in our brochure was a yellow coupon insert that had a FREE admission coupon to the Millstadt Fun Farm for one person! One person in your group can use this. My husband’s idea was that each person would just go through separately, handing the free admission coupon to the person in line behind them. Personally, I think that’s pushing the limits of Eckert’s kindness too far, but do with that info what you will.

I hope all of this makes sense! If you work it right, it is entirely feasible that a family of four over the age of two years could get into the Fun Farm for $15 instead of the regular price of $32. Or, if you decide to try my husband’s scheme, all four people could get in for $7.

*The brochure we were given upon entry was dated 2009, with an expiration date on the Half Off coupon of 10-31-09. Apparently, they are simply using up excess brochures from last year. We had no trouble using the coupon this afternoon.


5 Responses to "Maximize Eckert's Savings! Millstadt Fun Farm"

The 2011 Entertainment book does give you the ability to print a half-off coupon if you register your 2011 Entertainment card on their site. It’s in the Special Events section.

But thanks for the rest of the info! We’re going today!

Fabulous, Linda! Thanks for the tip…I’ll add it to the post. We haven’t registered our 2011 card yet. Guess I should get on that, huh?

Thank you SO much for this information! I came across your site today after searching for info on Eckert’s discounts. I was able to get my family of 8 in to the Millstadt Fun Farm today for $16 (we had a couple free admissions as well). So much better than the $32 I thought it would be. With 6 kids, we’re always looking for ways to save. Thanks again, and I will be watching your site for more great tips and deals in the area!
(Just a note…we got the free admission coupons to the Millstadt farm when we went apple picking at the Belleville farm a few weeks ago, in September. I don’t know if that’s something they do every year, but it worked out for us this year, we got a coupon page when we checked out with our apples, and my parents gave us their coupon from then as well. Something to look for next year if it’s a yearly thing…the free admission coupons expire at the end of October.)

Welcome, Robynne! We’re glad to have you here, and I hope you find the site helpful! We also got free coupons when we apple-picked at the Belleville farm…something I definitely should have mentioned on here, huh? 🙂 I am still learning, that’s for sure!

[…] Take your kids 12 and under in costume to Eckert’s Fun Farm in Millstadt on Sunday to get them free admission! And while you’re at it, get a good deal for everyone else in the family too. […]

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