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Schnucks Ad Highlights: Oct. 4-10

Posted on: October 4, 2010

New to shopping at Schnucks? See my post here for important info.

Here are some of the best deals at Schnucks this week:

10 for $10 Items, including Totino’s, Oscar Mayer regular Lunchables, mushrooms, bartlett pears, and much more!

3 lb for $5.37, Boneless skinless chicken breast

Marie Callendar Pot Pies or Dinners, selected, $2.50 $1.50/4 Marie Callender’s Frozen Meals 9/26/2010 SS Insert (exp 11/30/2010)

Quaker Life Cereals, selected, $2

Pop Tarts, $2 $1/3 Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts 8/29/2010 SS Insert (exp 10/24/2010)

DiGiorno Pizzas, selected, $5.50 $1/1 DiGiorno Pizza 9/12/2010 RP Insert (exp 10/31/2010)

$0.50/lb, Fall Hard Squash


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