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$6.48=Dinner out for our Family

Posted on: October 6, 2010

Recently our family was in the vicinity of Laclede Station Road and Watson and decided to try out the new Pizza Street buffet restaurant.

For the foreseeable future, they are running a special: $2.99 for anyone 4 years and up for all-you-can eat salad, pizza, pasta and desserts! Kids 3 and under are free! Drinks are an additional $1.49 for adults and $0.99 for kids.

This meant that our family of four, who are primarily water drinkers anyway, had dinner out for under $6.50. Without any coupons. In my opinion, that is pretty crazy-good.

Now, was the food crazy-good? No, not fantastic, but definitely passable for a family night out. Pizza Street is very much like CiCi’s, if you’ve ever eaten there. There was good variety on the pizza bar, with the option of requesting a custom pizza at no additional charge. We liked the soft-serve (in chocolate, anyway) ice cream at the end of the meal.

To find a Pizza Street location near you, click here. I do not know if all locations are participating in the $2.99 promotion, so definitely call before you head out. I can only vouch for the Watson Road restaurant’s prices.

And then with all that food at such a low price, the trick is to not overindulge…! 😉


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