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Ted Drewes on the Cheap

Posted on: October 7, 2010

You all might  be (and probably are!) much more quick on the draw than I am, but I’ve finally realized something. It’s possible to go to St. Louis’s favorite frozen custard, Ted Drewes, without forking over three or four bucks per person.


The answer is so exceedingly simple you might think I’ve gone over the edge. But really, it makes sense.

Sure, a regular size concrete with a couple of mix-ins is a fantastic treat. There’s nothing wrong with that occasionally. However, with a big family or for just a little something cold on a hot day, a simple cone can do the trick.

Yes, a cone. At Ted Drewes you can get a one-scoop cone for fifty cents. That’s less than ice cream at McDonalds!  Two scoops is a dollar. And so on.

Just today my kids and I stopped in. All together we spent $1.50 plus tax, for my son got the fifty cent cone and my daughter and I split the dollar cone. There was plenty of ice cream for us all.

And you know what? Without any other flavors masking the custard itself, I was reminded just how rich and creamy that Ted Drewes stuff is. Mmm!


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