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Running a Frugal Household, part 3: Shopping Lists

Posted on: October 21, 2010

In part one of this series we talked about some laundry tips and keeping tabs on freezer contents. Part two covered an inventory of the pantry, both for food and non-food items.

So what’s next?

Considering that we’ve talked about managing food storage a bit, let’s move to keeping track of our shopping lists. Now, I’m not claiming this is rocket science by any means, but it’s a method that has worked well for us.

It’s simple:

  • I took some post-it-note pads and taped magnets to the back. The pads then hang on my fridge.
  • Then I put a title on each one for a store that we frequent, either online or brick-and-mortar. It might not hurt to have an “other” list as well.
  • For a running grocery list, I used a larger post-it-note pad and actually just stuck it on to the fridge with its own adhesive.
  • Right in with all of this is a pen, to which I taped a magnet. This comes in super handy, and I use it several times a day to update these lists or my pantry inventories.
  • This way when something comes to mind that we need, such as socks for one of the kids, I have a place to write it down.
  • When I go to shop or order online, I can pull off the desired list and take it with me or transfer it to a compiled list.
  • If I’m at a store and don’t have my list, I can call my husband (assuming he’s at home) and ask him to read me the appropriate list. He knows exactly where to find it.
  • The white paper is my “wish list” because I often don’t have a good answer when someone asks what I want for a birthday or Christmas. This way I remember what caught my interest, and I can even go back after some time is passed and cross things off because I realize I really don’t want or need them.

So how about you? What tricks have you found to make your shopping lists more efficient?

Coming next Wednesday: Menu Planning!


3 Responses to "Running a Frugal Household, part 3: Shopping Lists"

I love this idea! I plan to implement it, except add a tab or cardstock backer to the post it pads (so I don’t have to write the name of the store everytime!!)
Especially the wish list, cuz I have the same problem.
Our pen is velcroed to a special place and the kids and hubby know that pen better stay there!! 🙂

Thanks, Susan! I love this series SO MUCH!

Tami – FANTASTIC addition with the tabs! Love it!

[…] Comment! So far we’ve looked into laundry issues and inventorying our freezers, then moved to keeping an inventory of the pantry. In last week’s post I shared how I keep track of our shopping lists. […]

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