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Resale Row on Gravois: Purple Cow, Clique and Women's Closet Exchange

Posted on: October 25, 2010

Want to shop resale for just about everyone in your family in one fell swoop?

Particularly if you’re looking for upscale designer fashions, then Resale Row on Gravois about a mile east of 270 might be your ticket.

Three stores are clustered together: The Purple Cow children’s resale, Clique resale for teens and young adults, and The Women’s Closet Exchange for (you guessed it!) ladies.

What you should know before you go:

  • Cash or store credit is paid on the spot to sellers. Items to be sold should be taken to The Purple Cow or Women’s Closet Exchange.
  • All stores sell name-brand trendy clothing.
  • All three stores offer a 5% discount to buyers using cash.
  • Clique and Women’s Closet Exchange selling prices aren’t cheap, but we’re talking designer labels here. This isn’t stuff I’d be looking for all the time, but for a special occasion I’ll definitely keep them in mind. If you want a Coach bag or something similar, these are your spots for a deal.
  • The Purple Cow has a nice selection of baby and children’s clothing, as well as maternity clothing. They also sell some new items.
  • Prices at The Purple Cow are fairly standard for designer children’s resale.
  • Printable coupons for The Purple Cow are available through an Entertainment Book online account.

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