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FREE Money in my Mailbox! Cashback Sites

Posted on: November 18, 2010

A couple days ago I received a “Big Fat Check” from Ebates in my mailbox. Free money!

While it was “only” six dollars and some change, that’s fine with me, because it is cash back from money I was spending anyway. All I did to earn it was click through the Ebates site to do my online shopping. When it came time for them to cut checks (quarterly, I think), they sent one to me for the appropriate amount. Even better is the fact that you get $5 automatically credited to your account when you sign up! (And I’d get a bonus too…you could put a smile on my face!)

In just a couple of weeks I should get another check from ShopAtHome for over $25! Yay! ShopAtHome gives the highest cashback for Entertainment Books (35%), so if you’re in the market for a 2011 Entertainment Book, I recommend you sign up for ShopAtHome and buy it by clicking through their site. You also get a $5 bonus to your account when you sign up! (I also get a bonus if you sign up through the links on this page; I’d sure appreciate it and it wouldn’t cost you a dime!)

Another cashback site I use is Cashbaq. I’ve gotten checks from them totaling almost $50 in the past! Plus, you get a $5 bonus to your account just for signing up!

All of the sites have a minimum earnings requirement for at least the first check you receive. This means they will cut your first check when your balance reaches the required amount, usually $15-20.

What I do is check all three sites when making an online purchase to find the one offering the highest percentage of cashback for my desired store. Usually I will go with this cashback site to make my purchase. On rare occasions I have had to go back and request that the cashback be credited to my account because it is not done so automatically. This is the exception, however, and they have procedures to make this fairly easy.



2 Responses to "FREE Money in my Mailbox! Cashback Sites"

The basic procedure is same for almost all cash back websites. They differ only in the percentage of cash back they offer for different online stores. Along with Shop At Home and Ebates, I also like to recommend FatWallet, AAfter Search and Bing.

[…] Remember my recent post about the big fat check I got from Ebates? Now’s your chance to start earning a big fat check […]

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