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Carousel Kids Maternity and Children’s Resale: a review

Posted on: November 22, 2010

After posting about Carousel Kids, the new Children’s and Maternity Resale Store in South County, I had the opportunity last Friday to stop in. Without my kids…and we all know what a treat that is!

Owner Connie and her employee were helpful, the store was bright, cheery and well laid-out, and there was even a spot to sit and sip coffee with a friend!

  • Located just south of I-55 on Reavis Barracks Road
  • Sells sizes newborn – 12
  • Clothing organized according to size, style (pants, shirts, sweaters, etc) and color. Genders are mixed, which I found to work really well. At other resale stores I often look in the boys’ racks anyway for something for my daughter.
  • Prices were pretty comparable to other resale stores I frequent, such as Kangaroo Kids or The Purple Cow. Carousel Kids’ prices might be a tad less, but nothing remarkable.
  • Good selection of children’s clothing.
  • Selection of children’s gear seemed pretty light, but this is likely because the store just opened.
  • Return policy of five days, which I consider pretty stingy. In my opinion seven or ten days would be better for the reality of life with little people.
  • Lots of Melissa and Doug toys (new!) available at 10% retail.
  • Store punch card available: after ten punches you get $10 off!
  • And don’t forget the coupon at the bottom of this page!
  • For even more information, see my original post.

If you live in the South County or City area, I would definitely recommend you check out Carousel Kids! It’s great to see a solid children’s resale store move into the area!


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