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Wow! Look what $20 got me!

Posted on: January 13, 2011

I had a chance to shop alone today (a treat, as those of you with young ones know!) and stopped by Carousel Kids to check out their winter clearance. Right now all items in the store are 10% off, with winter wear at 40% off! Since the kind owner let me use my $5 Brass Ring Club coupon, I was able to score some serious deals!

Here’s what I got:

  • two pair of boots (my poor kids didn’t have any that fit! The ones I got my son are Timberland and seem brand new.)
  • one Children’s Place zip hoodie
  • one Gymboree cardigan sweater
  • three pair Children’s Place knit pants
  • one Osh Kosh skirt
  • two Carter’s sleepers

And it all came out to $20 and some change! That’s an average of $2/item for brand-name clothing in fantastic shape, including boots! I was pretty excited. 🙂

While we get tons of hand-me-downs for our son, we don’t have a great source of free clothes for our daughter. So most of what I bought today is to stock up for her wardrobe next winter.

What about you? Could you buy some items now to save big toward next winter? The sale at Carousel Kids goes through Saturday, January 15, so you’ll need to hurry. If you get some great bargains I’d love to hear about them!

Does anyone know of other resale stores in the area that are offering fantastic sales right now? Do tell!


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