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Summit Church in Fenton is hosting a free kids’ game night on Friday, November 5. Woo-hoo! Free babysitting!!!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Located in Fenton
  • Friday, November 5, 6:30-9 PM
  • Kids ages 3 – 6th grade
  • Free food and fun games
  • Free!
  • Parent or guardian must sign kids in/out.
  • Call 636-861-1410 for more information.

Pony rides that support a great cause. What a fun way to spend a Saturday!

This Saturday, October 23, Equine Assisted Therapy of the St. Louis area is offering community pony rides at Longview Farm Park in Town and Country. All proceeds will go to Equine Assisted Therapy as they work diligently to help the mentally and physically challenged through interactions with horses.

Good friends of ours are heavily involved in this program, and I am so impressed by their commitment and devotion to helping these kids!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Saturday, October 23, at Longview Farm Park, from 9AM-12PM
  • Pony rides on a first come, first served basis
  • $5 for half-field ride, $10 for full-field ride
  • All proceeds go to Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Concessions also available, with proceeds going to EAT

Have you heard of Artscow? It’s a Hong Kong-based company that has tons of different photo gifts, and amazingly fast shipping considering how far the items come. I have personally used their services for a few different items, including some personalized pillow cases.

Until September 21, you can order one set of personalized playing cards from Artscow for $4.99 and free shipping! Use the code NEWPLCARDS at checkout to snag the deal. After your first set of cards, additional sets will be $6.99 each.

This would be a fabulous little gift for a child! And since our target price range for niece/nephew birthday gifts is $5, I think I’ll be ordering a set of these for a lovely little lady in my life!

Make sure you check out this weekend’s Parade magazine for several free coupons for McDonald’s items. Free frappe, smoothie, and coffee/drink! My paper even had three copies of the coupon sheet, by accident, I’m sure. Hurray!

Frugalouis Find!

I was alerted today to an unusual event taking place this Saturday on Creve Coeur LakeDragon Boat Races! Yes, indeed, this Saturday is the annual Gateway Dragon Boat Festival. Here’s more info in case you’re interested in taking the family out to lovely Creve Coeur Park for some frugal Saturday fun:

  • Races start at 9AM, with the award ceremony taking place about 3PM
  • Food and non-alcoholic drink will be available for purchase
  • You are welcome to bring your own food and drink (including alcohol)
  • There is no cost to watch, but you might want to take a chair or blanket

If you go, we’d love to hear what it was like. Who knows, my family might end up there too!

If you’re interested in getting free movie rental codes for Redbox, then go here to sign up and have access to the latest codes! Registration is free.

And then enjoy free movies in the comfort of your own home…nice!

Frugalouis Find!

Those of us in St. Louis know that it’s been hot around here lately! With the heat comes a deal, though…maybe that will make you feel better?

Stop by the West County Center Chik-fil-a when it’s over ninety-six degrees and get a free! spicy chicken sandwich with purchase of a large milkshake ($3.09)! I asked how they determined the temperature, and the girl on the phone said they just grab someone’s iPod and check the local weather.

So, if you’re out keeping cool at the mall, perhaps you can get a frugal deal while you’re there.

Please contact the Chesterfield Mall Chik-fil-a before you go to find if they are offering the same deal.

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