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BunGenius by Cotton Babies, is clearancing out their All In One cloth diapers in sizes small, medium, and large! Regularly $15.95, these first-quality diapers are now $9.95. Free shipping is even available with no minimum purchase. Yay!

We have some of these diapers in our stash and really like them. They are super-easy to use, very similar to disposables. In fact, I think I’d better run order some for baby #3 who is on the way… 🙂


While attending the Relevant Blogging Conference in October, I had the chance to review personalized cards from Studio DaySpring. Our cards have now arrived, and I am very pleased with the final product!

I opted not to do a “Christmas” card because we always send out a family letter at Valentine’s Day to help keep our Christmas season less busy. (Yes, we’re weird like that!) Therefore I chose a card from the Christmas category that I thought was pretty multi-purpose, and I designed it as a general note card from our family. It seems I am often looking for just this thing when I want to send off a little note to someone, and it’s always fun to send a card that has pictures of the kids.

My experience with Studio DaySpring was a positive one, and if I am in the market for personalized cards in the future I will most definitely consider them.

  • Their site was easy to navigate and figure out. It really took me very little time to design my card!
  • The only thing I would state as a warning, however, is to be sure to save your work as you go. I didn’t do this the first time around and the system crashed on me, causing me to start over. Because the site was so easy to use this wasn’t a big deal; it took me just a couple of minutes to recreate what I’d done.
  • The cards arrived in good time and are just as I imagined they’d be: Good-quality cardstock with a nice glossy finish. I really am very pleased.

Right now you can get ten free flat cards from Studio DaySpring when you use the code “NOVFREE” at checkout. When you purchase more, these will be $1.25 each with shipping included. For the folded cards you’ll pay $2.49/card. Order more than 25, though, and the prices go down! When you think about how much a card from the store costs – easily $3-4 these days – the Studio DaySpring prices are quite reasonable. They can be personalized however you like them, and shipping to you is included.

There’s still time before Christmas to order! If you’ve been procrastinating, perhaps this is your call to get on the ball! 🙂

Some of you might remember this deal from a couple of months ago. For $11.95, you can get a fun “pouch” baby sling shipped to your door!

See my original post for details, but remember to use coupon code “turkey” this time around.


With thanks to STL Mommy.

Always breaking or losing your glasses? Or perhaps that would describe your son or daughter… 🙂 I have some fabulous news for you!

With my checkup at the eye doctor recently, I was reminded to post about Zenni Optical for you all. Last year after my eye exam, I went online to Zenni with my most recent prescription in-hand. And I came away with two complete pair of glasses, with shipping, for under $35! I’m not kidding. This site is for real!

The hardest part about ordering with Zenni was picking out the frames.

The second hardest was measuring the distance between my two pupils.

The easiest part, by far, was paying the bill.

Shipping is a flat rate of $4.95 per order. Glasses start at $8 a pair!

It’s now been a year since I got my glasses. I usually wear contacts so they haven’t gotten a ton of use, but I wear them a bit every day. The glasses have held up fine, and it’s the first time in my life I’ve owned more than one pair in my current prescription!

And no, I didn’t have the heart to tell all this to my eye doctor recently. Alas, I’m afraid he wouldn’t rejoice at the amazing deal I’d gotten.

MoneySavingMom has the scoop on how to score some serious bargains on maternity clothes at Kohls online right now! Yay for great bargains!

If the girl in your life needs some new socks, this might be the time to jump on a deal!

  • Sign up for ShopAtHome to get $5 starter money in your account (and give me some kickback too!) then click through to shop at JCPenney. This will get you 3% of your purchase in cash back.
  • Head over to JCPenney to find the item you’re interested in. Packs of girls’ socks are on clearance for $2.99 each. (I had to search on “socks” and then arrange the items by price to find them.)
  • Use coupon code GO4TEN to get $10 off your order! Minimum purchase of $10 required. Shipping will be charged on anything but shoes.
  • Score some great deals – socks, anyone?

With thanks to Moneysavingmom.

In case I’ve got readers out there whose kids use the LeapFrog system, I wanted to alert you to this SlickDeal.

Follow the directions here and you can score yourself a free LeapFrog Tag or Tag Junior book, with free shipping. Sweet.

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