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Word just came from my husband (who is at the Botanical Gardens with the kids) that if you arrive before 10am on a Wednesday or Saturday, tickets to Dinoquest are free!

Entrance to the Botanical Gardens is free to St. Louis city and country residents Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9-12, and the Children’s Garden is free to city/county residents during those times as well.

Since parking is always free at the Botanical Gardens, this can make for a really frugal family outing – free parking, entrance, Dinoquest, and Children’s Garden if you are a St. Louis city or country resident and go early on a Wednesday or Saturday. Nice!

For our date night last night my honey and I joined the throngs of people who decided not to worry about the weather and show up at the Whitaker music festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they’ve added additional parking about a block west of the Gardens. This was definitely needed.

We began by sitting as close to the stage as we could. Within several minutes, however, we moved back. Seeing didn’t matter, but being able to hear well afterward did. The music was pleasant, the people-watching was fun, and I even won a door prize at intermission! Woo-hoo!

To see my original post about the Whitaker music festival, getting free music in the heart of St. Louis, click here.

If you’re in the mood for some free music, summer in St. Louis is the place to be! The Whitaker Music Festival is going strong at the Missouri Botanical Gardens on Wednesday evenings. Admission to the Garden is free after 5pm on Wednesdays, with an added bonus of the Children’s Garden being free from 5-7pm! Grab the kids, pack a picnic, and get there early for some frugal family fun!

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