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Ask for this park by its proper name, Deer Creek Park, and folks are likely to give you a blank stare. Use the local term of “rocketship park”, however, and you’ll likely get a smile and a story or two. Kids all over the St. Louis area love this park!

  • Located in Maplewood
  • Home of annual “Maple Days Festival” Labor Day weekend
  • Paved trails that connect to nearby biking trail
  • Three pavilions
  • Ball Fields
  • Restroom facility located fairly near the playground
  • Large playground area with soft foam/pea gravel. The highlight is the “rocketship” structure kids can climb and explore.
  • Playground best for children ages 3 and up

Queeny Park in West County is big enough for you to get lost (I know!). With paved and unpaved trails, a large pond, and so much more, it is worth checking out at least once.

  • Greensfelder Rec Complex with indoor ice skating seasonally
  • Indoor roller hockey arena
  • Tennis courts
  • Pond, with fishing available
  • Miles and miles of trails, paved and unpaved, through a variety of terrain
  • Large playground area covered in pea gravel with various climbing options and tunnels. It’s a very unusual playground set-up.
  • Restroom located near the playground area
  • Additional restroom located along the trail
  • Also home to Museum of the Dog

The kids and I recently visited Longview Farm Park in Town and Country for the first time. And my summary in one word: Wow!

It really is lovely. The bathroom facilities are gorgeous, the horses that live there and are used for equine therapy are beautiful, the walking trails are fantastic, and the playground is brand-new. I highly recommend you make the drive to check this park out!

  • Longview Farm Park is located in and operated by the city of Town and Country
  • 30 acres of beautiful trails, woods, and more
  • Large pond with fountain tucked away in the woods with trail looping ’round
  • Lovely restroom facilities with baby-changing station located very close to the playground
  • Playground has soft foam underfoot
  • Two separate playground structures: one for larger and one for smaller children
  • Horses onsite, either in the paddock or barn, used for Equine Assisted Therapy program

…and I have it on good authority that at the right time of year you can find scads of wild blackberries at Longview! ๐Ÿ™‚

With an Olympic size pool andย  indoor skating rink, Kennedy Recreation Complex is a multi-purpose area across the road from Suson Park in south county.

Kennedy also boasts a playground area right by the skating rink:

  • Located in south county off Wells Road
  • Fairly new playground with equipment in fine condition
  • Soft solid surface underfoot
  • Two separate structures: one for younger and one for older children
  • Bathroom located in skating rink building close by, but if the building is closed for some reason (as it was when we visited), you’re out of luck!
  • Nice alternative if Suson Park’s playground is packed

I honestly can’t imagine there’s another park quite like Lone Elk anywhere in the US. You can picnic, hike, and get a safari all in one spot!

Here’s what you need to know before you go:

  • Located near 141/44.
  • Hours are 8AM – half hour after sunset.
  • Most roads within the park are one-way.
  • Rest room located near the lake.
  • Separate elk and bison areas you can drive through.
  • Picnic tables and grills available, with some under shelters.
  • No domestic animals allowed, even if you keep them in your car.
  • Best time to go is around dusk when the animals are most active.
  • Motorcycles not allowed.

My memories of Bohrer Park in South St. Louis County include coming back to my car in the parking lot and discovering I was the victim of a hit-and-run. Nice, huh? That was years ago when I was single and poor, and $500 to fix my damaged door was out of my league. Ah, well, at least it was only surface damage!

And yet, I’ve still gone back to Bohrer Park. The location is convenient, right off Lindbergh at Tesson Ferry.

As for the amenities, check them out below:

  • The playground is older and in fairly good condition.
  • Small, annoying pebbles cover the surface of the playground area. In my opinion, this is a significant drawback to any playground.
  • Main playground structure has several slides and ladders, as well as a tunnel and other features.
  • Two separate swing areas: one with baby swings and the other with “big kid” swings. These two areas are not particularly close together. The baby swings are located in the shade.
  • Older, but clean, bathroom located a short walk from the playground, next to the parking lot. The bathroom is not handicap accessible, and it is the type with door-less stalls.
  • Shaded picnic tables by the playground, as well as one under a little shelter.
  • Tennis courts and ball fields available.
  • Small pond that formerly was used for fishing, but currently is little more than a mud hole and home to ducks and a few turtles.
  • One pavilion with several picnic tables
  • Large, grassy area with many trees makes a great spot for spreading out a blanket for a picnic.

In sum, I’d call Bohrer Park a nice neighborhood park worth stopping by if you’re in the area. It is not, however, a “destination park”. If you’re looking for something like that, I’d recommend Suson, Tilles or Faust Parks. And don’t forget the St. Louis favorite, the “rocketship park“.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a more serene park than Wehner Park in Shrewsbury. Both times I have been there it has been so peaceful and quiet I just want to lie in the sun on a blanket reading a good book. But then I remember my two children and come back to reality. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tucked away in Shrewsbury, Wehner Park has two playgrounds, tons of althetic fields, and a little something for just about anyone.

Here’s what you should know before you go:

  • Located along Hazel Avenue in Shrewsbury, with entrances off Lenox and the corner of Hazel/Wilshusen. Click here for a map.
  • Two playground areas: a slightly older structure in good condition near the Lenox entrance to the park (bottom row of pictures), and a somewhat newer playground area near the other entrance (top row of pictures)
  • Both playgrounds have mulch under foot
  • Both playgrounds have nice pavilions very close
  • Lenox entrance playground has a nice bathroom in the pavilion
  • Hazel/Wilshusen entrance playground has, amazingly, no bathroom nearby. The closest facility is the port-a-potty along the walking trail. (Whoever designed this was not a parent of young ones!)
  • Both playground areas are designed for school-age children, and the Hazel/Wilshusen playground also has swings and a structure for younger kids.
  • Tennis courts and athletic fields located near the Lenox entrance
  • Short paved walking/fitness path through the woods connecting the two playground areas

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