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$1/pint of fresh blackberries! YUM!

It doesn’t look like a fabulous week at Dierbergs, but there are some decent deals to be had. Carie has a coupon match-up for many of the advertised deals. Check them out!

Thanks, Carie!



Dierbergs has some great $1 deals this week, and Carie has the coupon matchup for us.

Thanks, Carie!

Carie has been hard at work doing coupon match-ups despite the fact that we’re in the middle of a holiday week. Her latest Dierbergs post has the best dealst of the week ready for you!

Thanks, Carie!


Only a few more grocery-shopping days before Christmas! Carie helps you maximize savings when you do your shopping at Dierbergs, so be sure to check out her post about this week’s deals!

Thanks, Carie!


Click over to Clippin’ with Carie to see this week’s ad highlights and coupon match-ups for Dierbergs! 

Thanks, Carie!


Carie has been working hard to get the coupon match-ups for this week’s Dierbergs ad ready.


Thanks, Carie!


Aren’t we thankful for Clippin’ with Carie’s hard work on these grocery deals? She’s got the two-week Dierbergs ad matched up with coupons and ready to go for us!


Thanks, Carie!

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