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Yay, it’s “$50 week!” I’d been hoping!!

Remember to use a $5/$50 coupon from the Entertainment Book to sweeten the bargain even more!

Carie has this week’s best Shop-n-Save deals ready for us.

Thanks, Carie!



Shop-n-Save is holding out on us again and not offering a “$50” week. The deals aren’t fabulous at Shop-n-Save, but Carie’s new “print your list” feature on her deal post is. Be sure to check it out!

Thanks, Carie!

No “$50” week at Shop-n-Save this week, and the other deals are pretty scarce too! Carie’s post with coupon matchups will help you out if you need to shop, however.

Thanks, Carie!


December 16 is “$50 Day”!

Shop-n-Save has a two-week ad out, and Carie’s got the best deals and coupon match-ups all ready to go!

Thanks, Carie!



Yay! Shop-n-Save is giving us a “$50” week!

Be sure to check out Carie’s coupon match-up before you go.

Thanks, Carie!



It’s “$50 Thursday” at Shop-n-Save this week! Yahoo!

Carie also has the coupon match-ups for the current ad ready to go.


Thanks, Carie!

It’s not a “$50″ week! :(

Clippin’ with Carie has this week’s coupon match-up for the Shop-n-Save ad up and ready.

Thanks, Carie!

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