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Welcome to Frugalouis! I’m glad you found the site and hope you discover scads of useful info.

I believe my readers fall into one of three groups: residents of St. Louis, new to St. Louis, or visitors to St. Louis. In light of this, check out the appropriate starting points below for the group you find yourself in.

And let’s get frugal!

Residents of St. Louis

In addition to subscribing for free email updates, you might be interested in these post categories:

Birthday Freebies. So much free food! Gotta love it!

Discount Certificates, such as Groupon and Hot Sauce

Fairs and Festivals, to find out what might be coming up.

Free Music. Enough said.

Resale and Thrift Shops, for there are few things more fun than snagging a bargain!

St. Louis Grocery Stores, if you want an overview of several different area stores and their coupon policies.

St. Louis Restaurants, for reviews and deals.

St. Louis Retail Stores, with special deal postings and more.

St. Louis Area Attractions, for practical tips and reviews.

St. Louis Area Parks, where you’ll find playground reviews and park descriptions.

New To St. Louis

Consider all of the categories for St. Louis Residents above, with special attention to the following:

St. Louis Grocery Stores, to give you a head-start on shopping strategy.

St. Louis Area Attractions, so you can get to know what your new hometown has to offer.

St. Louis Area Parks, especially if you have kids!

St. Louis Restaurants, to give you a break from cooking as you settle in.

Visitors To St. Louis

Consider starting with these post categories:

St. Louis Area Attractions, to do St. Louis like the locals do (on the cheap, of course!).

St. Louis Restaurants, to find local favorites.

Fairs and Festivals, perhaps something fun is happening while you’re here!

Free Music. Discover the soundtrack for your St. Louis visit.

St. Louis Area Parks, especially helpful if you’re traveling with children.


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