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Now through December 24, Carousel Kid’s Resale in South County is running a sale! Get 25% off Holiday Wear, Outer Wear and toys! Melissa and Doug toys, all new are the regular 10% off.

And remember to sign up for the Brass Ring Club too; you’ll get a $5 certificate sent to your mailbox with no minimum purchase required! I’m sure looking forward to using mine!


After posting about Carousel Kids, the new Children’s and Maternity Resale Store in South County, I had the opportunity last Friday to stop in. Without my kids…and we all know what a treat that is!

Owner Connie and her employee were helpful, the store was bright, cheery and well laid-out, and there was even a spot to sit and sip coffee with a friend!

  • Located just south of I-55 on Reavis Barracks Road
  • Sells sizes newborn – 12
  • Clothing organized according to size, style (pants, shirts, sweaters, etc) and color. Genders are mixed, which I found to work really well. At other resale stores I often look in the boys’ racks anyway for something for my daughter.
  • Prices were pretty comparable to other resale stores I frequent, such as Kangaroo Kids or The Purple Cow. Carousel Kids’ prices might be a tad less, but nothing remarkable.
  • Good selection of children’s clothing.
  • Selection of children’s gear seemed pretty light, but this is likely because the store just opened.
  • Return policy of five days, which I consider pretty stingy. In my opinion seven or ten days would be better for the reality of life with little people.
  • Lots of Melissa and Doug toys (new!) available at 10% retail.
  • Store punch card available: after ten punches you get $10 off!
  • And don’t forget the coupon at the bottom of this page!
  • For even more information, see my original post.

If you live in the South County or City area, I would definitely recommend you check out Carousel Kids! It’s great to see a solid children’s resale store move into the area!

I got a postcard in the mail today about Carousel Kids St. Louis and then took a gander around their website. As soon as I get the chance, I plan to visit their store and report back to you! In the meantime, here’s what I know:

  • Children’s Resale and Maternity store
  • Located at Reavis Barracks and I-55 in South County
  • Open 10-7 Mon-Fri and 10-6 Sat (great hours!)
  • Accepts all seasons of clothing at all times
  • Information available for those interested in selling
  • Promise to beat any written offer by 50%!
  • “Brass Ring” club available, with $5 cash card for signing up and email notifications. Please tell them I sent you: frugalouis (at) gmail (dot) com! Thanks!
  • Coupon for 20% off clothing and 15% off gear available at the bottom of this page

Has any of our readers visited Carousel Kids yet? If so, what did you think of it? Were you able to snag some deals?

Just a friendly reminder here! The Stork Lady children’s resale event runs Thursday-Sunday this week!

To see my original post about this sale, click here.

How ’bout this?! I was just in the Purple Cow children’s resale store on Friday and was planning to do a post about it for you all. Then here pops up today’s Groupon!

The Purple Cow is located at Gravois and Sappington Roads, a tad east of 270. They stock upscale, gently used children’s clothes, as well as some new items. You can also find a nice selection of maternity clothing on the racks.

Sound good? Then be sure to get today’s Groupon for a $30 certificate to the Purple Cow for only $13!

As for me, when I was in the store on Friday I overheard the owner telling someone that there would be a ton more merchandise out on Monday (tomorrow). So I put my intended purchase back and left with plans to return Monday. Woo-hoo! Now I can return with a Groupon!

Just a reminder that a couple of area children’s consignment events are occurring within the coming week: Recycled Kids in St. Charles and MOMMES group in Collinsville, IL. See my posts here and here for more info.

Katie left a message on this post about children’s resale events in the St. Louis area alerting us to another great sale. It is hosted by the MOMMES (Mothers of Multiples in Metro East and St. Louis) group in two separate sale locations, with information below:

  • One dollar entrance fee (for over 12 years) to both sales
  • In Illinois – August 21, 8-12, Gateway Center in Collinsville
  • In Missouri – August 28, 8-12, Willott Road Community Church
  • Cash or checks accepted, but no credit cards
  • Strollers and children welcome
  • Huge collection of items for singletons and multiples alike

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